As you enter the home the first thing you will notice is a spacious kitchen on your right. There is enough room in this kitchen for the whole family to work together on creating a family meal without stepping on each other's feet!

This kitchen is well equipped! It comes with the standard amenities such as a refrigerator, stove and oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster and coffee maker. But then there are cooking items. From pots and pans to bakeware, blenders to food procesors and even a spice rack, the only limits to your meal creations is how much time you are willing to spend in the kitchen.

If you like to cook, feel free to pick some of the fresh herbs growing just out the back door. Als,o there is almost always something growing in the garden. From sweet potatoes to okra, onions and carrots you never know what will be in season.




The pirate themed living and dining area has plenty of space for the whole family to kick back and have some fun. The centerpiece of this area is a 6 ft tall pirate statue who will keep an eye on you. (He can be removed, upon request, if you prefer him not looking over your shoulder all the time).

The living room has a 47" HDTV with HD Cable television service included as well as a Blue Ray/DVD player and a full collection of movies for the whole family. There is also a Wii gaming system with a number of games that is available for use upon request. bar

If your family prefers traditional games, there is also a portable table to set up and a shelf full of games to play to enjoy family time.

The dining room table seats up to 6 people comfortably. There is also a breakfast bar with additional seating for 2.



The home's three bedrooms are able to hold six people comfortably. The first of these is the master bedroom which sports an Egyptian theme.

It is outfitted with an ultra plush queen sized bed and seating area.

In the armoire is a Cable television and DVD player.

Additionally, going along with the Egyptian theme and the theme of the connected Mayan bathroom, there is a bookshelf filled with Mayan and Egyptian books and reference materials.




The next bedroom in the home also features a comfortable queen sized bed. This country themed-room takes you back to Old Florida.

With reading lamps on both side, this is a great reading space. If you want to kick back and read a book, there are plenty of books about Florida and by Florida authors on the bookshelf for you to enjoy during your stay.


The third bedroom in the home comes with a Disney theme.

This is a great room for the kids. The walls are adorned with Disney memorabilia and posters.

It has two twin beds for them to sleep in.

Additionally there is a bookshelf full of books and surrounded by stuffed animals as well as a closet full of other toys and games just waiting to be played with.





The master bathroom is where the name of Casa Maya comes to life. This room has been decorated with a Mayan theme with masks on the wall, statues on the counter and even vine decorations to take you into the rainforest where the Mayans lived.

Among the features in the master bathroom are his and hers sinks, a walk in shower and a garden tub for a relaxing nice soaking bath.


The second bathroom is located between the second and third bedrooms in the house,

It is also an easily accessed guest bathroom just off the living and dining area. It has a tub/shower combination.

The room has been decorated with a seashell theme and there is a terrarium of shells that have been collected at beaches all over the Caribbean beside the sink.



The sunroom will be a place you are going to enjoy spending time every day.

The first feature of the sunroom is a bistro table. This will likely be a place where you enjoy your morning coffee or tea as you watch wildlife outside the windows around you.

The backyard is equipped with birdfeeders and the house is stocked wtih food to keep them coming back for more.

Also in the sunroom is a desk with a computer that is ready for you to use to keep up with your e-mail or Google the next thing you want to do in town!



Casa Maya is situated on a one acre wooded lot. Enjoy a daily stroll around the grounds and watch the sun flicker through the trees.

The property backs up against more natural wilderness, thus the animals that you may spot in the yard.

Below are pictures of just a few of the visitors that have been spotted while sitting in the sunroom.